Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silly Goose Designs...Coming Soon!!

Silly Goose Designs is coming in April! Let me tell you a little bit about our brand new company. We are a new scrapbooking website coming straight out of Salt Lake City, Utah! We absolutely love scrapbooking and saving our favorite memories in fun ways. At Silly Goose Designs, we are thrilled to offer you: Page Kits, Product Kits, Paper Packs, Embellishments and Products. Don't worry, there will be much more to come!
*In our PAGE KITS, you will be able to see our fun and unique ideas of scrapbook layouts and be able to use them in your own personal scrapbooks. All you have to do is glue, and in some special kits you will recieve stamps or other fun things to use in other projects! I love the idea of page kits because sometimes we all have brain freezes and just can't seem to be able to come up with any fun ideas. In our kits, you will get an easy to follow picture and everything will be cut and ready for you to go. For many of us, we just want our books to be done and the longer we go trying to think of something new to do, the longer our books remain undone. So get those books finished with cute and easy layouts that make your books glow!
*Our PRODUCT KITS come with some really great goodies that you can use in your scrapbook pages or for other projects! Some come with paper, ribbons, flowers, brads, stickers, rub ons, or alphabets. You will get several of these items that go with the theme you are chosing, but all of the kits come with different items-so be sure to check out all of our great kits to see what they come with!
*PAPER PACKS are so fun! We have several coming your way, but I can't give out all of our secrets... Some to look forward to are paper packs themed with Cloud 9 Design or Heidi Grace. These kits have several papers themed at baby boy, baby girl, love, travel, pets etc. There will be a description of what each kits contains as well as how many sheets. There will also be paper packs that contain several sheets of themed paper, but for variety, we put these kits together coming from MULTIPLE companies! That's right, different companies pulled together to come up with unique fun kits for you! We understand that some of us just want paper and not all of the embellisments. So here at Silly Goose Designs, we try to have something for everyone. That is why these PAPER PACKS only come with paper. We also have some fun paper packs coming themed with My Minds Eye popular paper, KI Memories, and more!
*EMBELLISHMENTS and PRODUCTS: Though our little company is mainly designed around our fabulous page kits, we try to add a little bit of product for you! If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to email us with any comments and we will try to make them possible!
Here is something to look forward to...
We LOVE sales! We love receiving great deals and we also love giving them. Look forward to fun sales, discounts, free gifts, prizes, and more. Check back with us often to see whats new and leave us feedback on what you would like to see!!

Melissa Burr

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