Monday, April 27, 2009

Tell me, why do you scrapbook?

Leave your comments here! Share ideas and stories!


  1. I started scrapbooking when my daughter went off to the military academy. We were so close and I had always been part of her adventures. Suddenly, she was experiencing a new life and I'd never be able to participate or share in that. She would send pics home and tell me the stories and I started a scrapbook to help "her" hang onto those memories. . but found that it was very therapeutic for me.
    Now, I scrapbook as an artistic release. No one can tell my story like I can. AND, as I'm getting older, I'm hoping to preserve memories for the next generations. I don't know much about my grandparents and earlier generations and I feel that's such a loss. Your life makes a difference when others learn from you. . they can't do that if they know NOTHING about you.
    I'm also a social scrapper. . love to have crops at my house and get all the friends together to visit into the wee hours.

  2. Sorry, I couldn't get my profile to work. The comment above was mine.

  3. I enjoy the challenge of developing a way in which to preserve my photographs for future generations. In addition to which it has allowed me to develop my creativity in a fun and social way.

  4. I scrapbook to serve as the family historian. But I also scrap to record my life - my thoughts, emotions, achievements, events, whatever there is that makes me me!

  5. It's cheaper than therapy.



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