Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We now scrapbook for YOU!

Are you to the point where so much time has passed by and you have boxes and boxes full of old pictures and you just have no idea what you're going to do about it? Has there been a special event in your life that you would like to have scrapbooked? Something that you and your family can look back on together? We have the perfect solution for you! We are now offering our scrapbooking services to you! We will scrapbook for you! You can send in your photos and we will create a book just for you. Whether you have boxes and boxes of photos or just a few occasions you'd like done we can do it. We can put together an album, or just create the pages for you. Prices will vary depending on how many pages and if you would like an album. If you are interested, simply email us at melissa@sillygoosedesigns.com and we can talk about your options. Remember, you don't have to store your photos in boxes forever, you can display them in a pretty album that you and your entire family can look through anytime!

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