Monday, July 12, 2010

Chic Headband

Chic Headband:
This is a fun and super easy to do headband that you can make in no time. Perfect for kids to do as well.

Here is what you'll need:

1.) 1 Fabric Quarter (Cut 2 1" strips)
2.) 4 Coordinating Fabric Quarters (Layering the Flower)
3.) 1 Headband
4.)1 Button
5.) 1 Hair clip/barrette
6.) Tacky Glue
7.) Needle/Thread
8.) Interfacing (Optional)

*I used a fabric quarter. I cut a slit in about 1" wide. Then you tear it all the way down. You can choose to use scissors if you want or tear it for a messier look. I used (2) strips of fabric.
*I took a headband and began to wrap the fabric around the headband. Be sure to overlap your fabric. When you get to the end and are ready to start your second piece, wrap your second piece over the first to hold it in place.

*When you are finished wrapping your fabric pieces around your headband, take the tail and tuck it under and through a wrapped piece. This will hold it together, plus add a cute little detail to your headband.

*I chose to add a flower to my headband. You can make this flower several ways. I took my Cricut machine and cut out 4 sizes of the same flower in 1/2" increments. I traced those flowers onto my fabric and cut them out. Once they are cut out, layer them.

*You can also create flowers using a Sizzix machine or even just drawing your own flowers.

*You can also choose to iron on interfacing to your fabric flowers. This helps make it more stiff and less flimsy. I chose not to use the interfacing on this particular flower; however, I do recommend it!

*After you have layered your flowers, pick a fun button for your centerpiece. I took a needle and thread and hand sewed my button to my flower. This will hold all of your layers together.

*On the back of your flower, take a hair clip/barrette, and glue it to your flower. I used Tacky Glue.

*You can also take coordinating ribbon and glue it around your metal hair clip before attaching it to your flower. By adding the hair clip this makes it so you can attach the flower directly to the hairband or makes it interchangeable so you can clip it into your hair or onto another hairband.

*I clipped my flower where I tucked my fabric after wrapping.

*And this is your final result. A cute, hip, and chic hairband that can be taken apart and reused if you wish.

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