Monday, July 19, 2010

Tutorials Continue..Glossy Accents and Glitter Glue Projects

We are continuing our tutorials and this week we are demonstrating how to use Glossy Accents and Glitter Glue. These are some of my favorite things.

Glossy Accents Sticker:

To make this cute little project you will need:
*A sticker/cut out/paper/etc.
*Glossy Accents

Glossy Accents is so much fun to use. You can purchase your glossy accents through us for $4.99. Reg. price is $5.99, just email us at

Step 1: Start with a plain sticker. You can also use a die cut or even patterned paper. Wherever you choose to use your Glossy Accents will transform! I used a plain sticker and mounted it on cardstock.

Step 2: In a circular motion, squeeze your bottle of Glossy Accents. Make sure you cover completely the areas you want to be glossy. Note that when you are finished your project will look cloudy. This will disappear when its dry.

Step 3: Let it dry. When its done drying, your end result will be glossy. In my example, I took a plain sticker and made it into a puffy sticker. So simple!

Hint: DON'T shake your bottle. This will create air bubbles. I dropped my bottle so you can see the bubbles on mine, try to be more careful than I was. :)

Glitter Glue Flowers:

To make this Glitter Glue project you will need the following:

1.) Glitter Glue color of your choice
2.) Die Cut Flower

Step 1: Cut out your flowers

Step 2: Choose your Glitter Glue colors. I chose Lavender and Crystal.

You can purchase your glitter glue from us for $1.99/ea. Email us for color assortment.

Step 3: Cover your flower with the Glitter Glue.

Step 4: Choose a center for your flower. I chose rhinestones. I put my rhinestone in after the glue has had a chance to dry most of the way. I was able to press my rhinestone in so the glue could hold it down in place.

Step 5: Let it finish drying and you're done. You can incorporate these flowers in your pages or cards!

I also like to use glitter glue to dress up plane patterned paper. I recommend using Crystal, Diamond or Star Dust on your printed paper. The reasoning behind this is because it dries clear with sparkles, so you can still see the design of the paper. This technique can be used to dress up your pages and cards, experiment and have FUN!

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