Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Envirotex Crafts

Have you ever created a Tile Board? It's actually quite fun! I created these fun little Tile Boards and I thought I'd give you a few simple steps so you can create your own!

Tile Boards:

*You will need to go to your local craft stores to find the boards and the Envirotex. Boards can come in several sizes and the grooves can be different for each as well. The Envirotex is what gives you the glassy finish.

*The Envirotex will usually tell you how much you will need to mix to cover your specific board size.

*You will need to paint the cracks of your board and the sides. (I chose black in this one and I also Mod Podged some fun looking paper.)

*I chose to place a picture as my focal point. You can put anything you would like. You will need to Mod Podge it down and then poor your Envirotex. Make sure you follow the directions and get all your bubbles out! Let it dry, and YOUR'E DONE!! (You can also add a frame to your tile board, but that is optional.) You have just created a beautiful piece of art work that you will treasure forever!

In this Tile Board, I used pictures and scrapbook embellishments. I painted my board in coordinating colors that matched my embellishments. I took the main picture of this Tile Board with the flash on so you could see the glassy finish of the Envirotex.

Glass Block:

This is another project you can do using Envirotex.

*I went to the hardware store and purchased the glass block.

*I chose a picture to be my focal point and Mod Podged it to the glass block.

*Lay your block down flat and poor your Envirotex. I did a thin coat.

*When it has finished drying, stand it up. This makes your picture look like it is part of the block!

*I used my Cricut machine and cut out a saying in vinyl. This will dress up your block if you don't want to take the time to decorate it.

*To finish, I wrapped ribbon around the block and tied a bow at the top.

You can also choose to add other embellishments to your blocks or Tile Boards. You can add flowers and bling to dress yours up.

I haven't tried it myself, but someone showed me that they created a tile board and they Mod Podged napkins from their wedding. They Envirotexed over it and when it dried it was experiment and see what you can come up with. It just may end up being something you'll treasure forever!

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